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Global Climate Change and Associated Effects


 Background info
The past few years have seen unprecented changes in global climate parameters. Almost all the documented changes have been associated with disruptive changes to the livelihoods of millions of people around the world, especially the vulnerable poor who do not have the resources, nor the knowhow to adapt their lifestyles to cope. Communities living close to the sea level have been hit hard with unexpected floods inundating their homes, farms and other infrastructure. Increased temperatures have also been associated with expanding desserts and reduction of arable land areas, as water resources become scarce. Even global peace is threatened as competition increases for whatever resources are available. Unfortunately, the changes experienced in climate have not been universally accepted and alot of the information available has been contested. It is necessary to provide synthesized and easily accessible information to the communities that are most threatened by the reported changes.

This page will provide links to information resources that will help mankind to understand better, and decide, on the benefits or potential risks that are associated from any current or anticipated changes in global climate balances.

Any relevant material is welcome.

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