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Genetically Modified Crops and Animals


 Background info
Advances in science and technology have introduced new knowledge on how plants and animals can be manipulated to increase productivity, sometimes by inventions that bypass natural barriers. Some recent examples include crops bred for resistance to pests and pathogens, fruits engineered for specific nutrient requirements and shelf life, plants to produce medicinal and therapeutic products, and many more. Aniamls have also been engineered for uniformity in growth rates or product specifications, as well as to eliminate genetic defects and build in resistance to various pests and pathogens.

Although these advances have numerous advantages they are not all well understood or appreciated. Thus introduction and adoption of some of these of these technologies has met considerable resistance. This page will provide links to information resources that will help mankind to understand better, and decide, on the benefits or potential risks that could accrue from embracing of technologies and products based on genetic modification of living organisms.

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